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Welcome to the wiki. We're dedicated to the media about dragons, humans, and their relationships on the journey to Ireland escaping deforestation. If something seems off, edit it. Vandalism, however, is strictly prohibited and if found then you're dead. Try it. I dare you.

What is the Forest Roleplay?Edit

Forest Roleplay is a roleplay conducted by AzuraAzureA and 3 anonymous others. It features 3 dragons (fire, ice, nature), a human siding with them, and a wolf later introduced that joins them. They suffer from the effects of deforestation and become very wary around humans until the Chinese fire dragon Viixe develops an infatuation for the Slovakian human Madevesey. The group makes it to their destination in Ireland by the end of the roleplay, where they will be accepted for what they are and not feel the need to live in constant hiding.

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The Forest Roleplay's logo features the dove that follows Viixe, and his presumed dragon form around a tree, crying.

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